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About us
This is who we are, this is our story.
The idea of a new accountancy business achieved wings when Sarah, the founder, having worked in a different way through lockdown, gained a new perspective on her work life balance.
Following the aftermath of lockdown #1 Sarah decided to change things, so she could still do the job that she loved in a way that worked better for her.
Lavanya also found herself re-evaluating her working circumstances after the summer of 2020 and the idea of being self employed to allow flexibility around her family, was more than appealing.
And after much brain storming, SLP Accountants became a reality.

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SLP Advisory Limited trading as SLP Accountants.
Registered in England & Wales
Registered Company Number: 12727359
Registered Office Address: 126 Wish Hill, Willingdon, East Sussex, BN20 9HL